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Become an accredited babywearing instructor

An accredited Chimparoo babywearing instructor is able to demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of babywearing, including the different types of baby carriers and how to use them in an ergonomic and secure fashion. The instructor treats clients with respect and professionalism, knowing when a situation exceeds their expertise and where to refer the client for more specialized assistance when the need arises. The instructor’s goal is to assist parents finding a baby carrier suitable for their needs and to optimizing the parent’s babywearing experience. Instructors will have on hand each type of carrier for which they are accredited. Thus, clients are able to try on these carriers during a consultation. Chimparoo offers various discounts to groups, associations or businesses for acquiring demo baby carriers.

Those who have attended a Chimparoo babywearing instructor training are eligible for accreditation, as are those who provide documentation that their background fulfills the requirements for accreditation. Chimparoo is not responsible for the information exchanged between the instructor and the client. Any complaints from a client indicating that an accredited partner is lacking the above-mentioned qualifications will have his/her name removed from the list.

We welcome comments and suggestions to help build a list of services consistent with the Chimparoo philosophy that our accredited babywearing instructors will offer.

Contact us if you have any questions or if you wish to become an accredited Chimparoo babywearing instructor.