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Our company

Chimparoo was created in 2007, registered brand by L'écharpe Porte-bonheur Inc. The founder, Christine Duhaime, is a graduate occupational therapist with over 20 years of experience in design and textiles and a mother of four children. She has put all her passion to build the business, offering quality products, creating a dynamic team and communicating the benefits of baby wearing. With its great expertise, Chimparoo is now proud to be available across the world with a full range of baby carriers and accessories.

Chimparoo are THE experts with a team that has:

  • Academic knowledge of ergonomics, health and baby development;
  • Knowledge acquired through research, development and experience in our many community involvement;
  • Direct expertise from practicing baby carrying for nearly 10 years;
  • Experience in educating the public, healthcare professionals and stakeholders in the perinatal care services;
  • Relationship with support perinatal organizations, associations and the baby carriers industry.
Fondatrice Chimparoo

A Canadian product of quality

Chimparoo carriers are the most versatile and user-friendly on the market, the most respectful of babies’ development and physiology. They are unique and innovative products. Based on our carrying experience and adding many parents with their different baby carrier’s experience, Chimparoo has developed products to fill all carrying needs.

Chimparoo is expanding and looking to grow big! The team is growing and works with an evergrowing passion to achieve their mission and new projects.

Thanks for your support and trust so we continue with our mission!

L’écharpe Porte-bonheur