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Ring Sling Air-O

Ring Sling Air-O

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Ring Sling Air-O

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79.99 USD$

  • JPMA certification
  • NSVAC certification
  • Verified secure


  • Available in a light fabric Mesh areolate perfect for summer and shower - Air-O


  • Quick and easy to use.  Worn over one shoulder. 

  • From birth to early childhood. For as long as the wearer is comfortable.

  • 5 carrying positions 

  • Hands-free breastfeeding with ease

  • Available in 2 sizes

  • Gathered shoulder

  • Easy care, high performance durable fabric.

  • DVD included


Overall level of learning: Easy

  • sit position
  • sit position
  • sit position
  • sit position
  • sit position
  • Air-O Aqua
  • Air-O Gray
  • Air-O black
  • Air-O blue
  • Air-O White
  • Air-O red


The Ring Sling Air-O is a model specially designed to be worn in a wet environment and / or heat (away from flames). The Air-O model is ideal for hot summer day and for use in the shower. It is made of a polyester woven fabric with large areolas breathable and does not retain water. It is very light even when wet. The shoulder of the Air-O is built without folds, gathered style. This model contains no pocket.


The ring sling imitates the traditional one-shouldered carry. It is in essence a short woven wrap with a pair of rings for adjustability. Generally, the ring sling is for those who love woven wraps but desire less fabric and something that is easy to use.


The ring sling is made in Canada. The ring sling can be used from newborn onwards, for as long as you are comfortable. All ergonomic positions are possible: on the front facing in, on the hip or on the back. Breastfeed your baby discreetly, using the tail as a cover, with baby fully supported in a cradle carry. Your baby can also be worn on the front facing out, with the legs folded inside the pouch. The ring sling is available in two sizes. Quick, easy to use and attractive carrier. This practical item coordinates easily for an elegant look when wearing your baby, whether it be inside the home or for a formal evening. Dads can certainly use it, but it is often mom’s favourite!


2 sizes :


Size 1 : 185 cm (small - medium)


Size 2 : 220 cm (large - extra)


Available in 3 colours


If you have questions about this product, please check our FAQ section where you might find the desired information. If you can't find the answer to your question, please contact us using our online contact form or call us at 514-905-6484 (or toll free at 1-855-289-5343) and we will be happy to answer you.

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How to prepare the wrap by the insertion of the fabric in the rings.

See the video.


Front and hip carry

Put the baby over your shoulder and slide his feet through the wrap onto your hip.

Place his legs properly by hugging in his pelvis to you and pushing the knees upwards. Bring the upper edge higher than baby’s head.

Adjust the tension in the wrap by pulling the fabric throw the rings


See the video.


Hip carry

The technique for front and hip carry is the same


cradle position (nursing)

Tilt the baby on the side.  From the sitting position, join two legs together and direct the head in the opposite direction than the rings.

Adjust the tension by pulling the wrap throw the rings.

always verify that baby’s mouth is not obstructed, and that there is enough space to permit good air circulation around baby’s nose and mouth. Ensure the infant’s face is above the fabric, visible, and free from obstructions at all time.  Baby should not be curled tight chin to chest.

See the video.


Facing out carry

Always be aware that baby can fall more easily in this position.  The only way you can carry your baby facing out in a ring sling, it's with the legs completely inside the wrap in a budha position.  

The pelvis has to be tilt forward with the knees raises.  Always keep one hand on baby while carrying him in the ring sling facing out.

This position is not safe.


Back carry

Always be carefull and ask the help of someone else when placing the baby on your back.

This carry is for short period of time.  It is uncomfortable and unsafe for baby.  It is usefull when you need more freedom to do a task that can be dangerous or is hard with the baby on your tummy or your hip.  It is fast and easy to do.

See the video.


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