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197.99 USD$

  • JPMA certification
  • NSVAC certification
  • Verified secure
  • A perfectly structured baby carrier that resembles the versatility and comfort of a woven wrap, with a unique user-friendly design
  • From birth to early childhood. (7-45 lbs). 
  • Stretchy head support and seat for newborn
  • 4 carrying positions
  • Padded shoulder straps and semi-rigid waistbelt
  • Adjustable and multi-positional shoulder straps
  • Designed to be used with stirrups 
  • Made from high tech durable, breathable anti-microbial fabric
  • Easy care
  • One size
  • DVD included

Overall level of learning: Medium

  • sit position
  • sit position
  • sit position
  • sit position
  • sit position
  • Magik Black
  • Silver Grey

The Chimparoo MULTI 2.0 is our latest creation, the result of many efforts to offer a comprehensive baby carrier that responds to all your needs. Our innovative design is patent-pending. The MULTI 2.0 approximates the woven wrap. Comfortable and ergonomic, it has 4 possible positions that can be used from birth until you no longer wear your child (7-45 lbs). Like all Chimparoo baby carriers, the MULTI’s design favours healthy spine and hip development no matter what position is used. It is the only carrier of its kind that provides adequate support to the thighs when baby is worn on the front facing out.

The newborn is fully supported at the proper height by a stretch-knit organic cotton seat. This same fabric is found in the adjustable sleep hood, which tucks away discretely in its own pouch.

A back extension is another unique feature that provides an adjustable, full back support every time, whether it be with the newborn seat or an older child. It is practical for when you child is in between 2 sizes; small enough to still require the newborn seat, yet beginning to outgrow the carrier in this configuration. Stirrups can be attached at the base of the waistbelt, ensuring the comfort of a toddler from 18 months onwards. The feet are thus supported, preventing the legs from dangling. Accessories can also be attached as needed.

Adaptable to most body types of wearers, men and women alike. The long waist belt and chest straps make adjustments easy. Shoulder straps can be worn crossed or rucksack style with the chest clip.

The MULTI 2.0 is made from high tech material. The interior is lined with MICROTEC, a polyester fiber that is soft and durable. The inner surface of the shoulder straps and waistbelt are made of breathable, perforated, flexible 3D foam that retains its shape and resists friction. The entire carrier is made of breathable, anti-microbial high performance fabric.

If you have questions about this product, please check our FAQ section where you might find the desired information. If you can't find the answer to your question, please contact us using our online contact form or call us at 514-905-6484 (or toll free at 1-855-289-5343) and we will be happy to answer you.

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Front carry with a new born baby (sternum straps) ( from a chair)

  • Installing the baby lying on knees
  • Attached with the sternum straps

You have the choice of having the shoulder straps worn either rucksack style with the chest clip or crossed behind your back to secure baby in place.  

The MULTI 2.0 is designed to be used with a newborn baby from 7lbs to a todler up to 45 lbs (about 4 years old).  To be used with a baby up to 10 bs, you need to sit the baby in the stretchy infant seat.  It  will let you place the baby in the best position for his hip and spine development.  Legs are in a spread-squat position, with support up to behind the knees. There is ample support for the pelvis, with the back mostly upright. 

 The Chimparoo stretchy infant seat allow you to carry your newborn in the MULTI 2.0 from birth until about 4 to 6 months.  When not in use, the seat is tucked away by folding it into the interior pouch. To use the seat, secure the snaps on each side of the front panel. Use the two snaps on each side to create a small seat where you sit the baby.

 The seat extension is not necessary when baby is tall and old enough to sit completely at the base of the carrier. 

 Always hold baby securely when tying and untying the buckles.  Be sure that the buckles are securely fasten.

For more security, always pass the buckles insides the elastics loops.

See the video.


New born - Installation from a table


See the video.


Give more freedom to the legs and increase the lenght of the back

  • Front carry with a new born baby
  • Installation of the baby from a flat surface or a bed
  • Straps fixed with the sternum straps in the back
  • give more freedom to the legs when opening the laterals pannels
  • Increase the lenght of the back

When you install the baby from a table always keep one hand on the baby and constant monitoring. The surface used must be stable and strong. Choose a height that allows you to attach the belt around your waist . By exemple you can place your knee with a very low bed but need to bend your knees with a small table .

The straps may be attached in two different ways, by crossing in the back or with the sternum straps. Check that the elastic of security went well over the loops before holding the baby in the baby carrier. In the video shown , the loops are already attached. View previous video to learn how to secure with elastic loops .  Be sure the buckles are securely fastened.  

When the baby's legs are getting a little stuck inside the cover and he is not yet large enough to no longer need his infant seat, you can detach the zippers and snaps and thus open the panels to clear the baby's legs . It is also useful in hot weather! You have to use the complete panel when the child legs are to heavy to be completely supported and he is dangling by the crotch.

To accommodate the growing baby, even inside the headquarters of the newborn, it is possible to extend the length of the back . When we feel that the panel does not cover the neck or pretty much the baby needs a little more support for the head, you can open the zipper located at the top of the carrier .


Crossed straps

  • Front carry with a new born
  • Crossed straps in the back
  • Installation of the baby lying on your knees

The demonstration is made with a TREK but it apply to the MULTI 2.0

You have the choice to cross or attached both straps together on your back.  The straps of the TREK and the MULTI 2.0 have the same shape and fonction.  Be carefull when you install the baby and always keep a hand on him.  Always secure the buckles with the safety elastics loops.


See the video.


Front carry with a baby 6 months and older

  • with a baby tall enough to be seated without the infant seat
  • cross straps

Front carry is quite simple but you must be able to keep one hand on the baby during installation. It is also very important to pass the elastic safety loops around the buckles and ensure that the buckles are securely fastened.


See the video.


Hip Carry

  • The baby has to be able to hold his head by himself to use this position
  • always secure the buckles with the elastic (not demonstrated in the video)
  • Always keep one hand on the baby while fixing the buckles.

See the video.


Back carry

Fast and easy!  The backpack technic.

Buckle your carrier around your waist with the pannel at your back. Straps are buckled like a backpack and 

loosened.  Always secure the buckles with the elastics.

Ask the assistance of another person while placing the baby on your back

See the video.


Scootababy technic for back carry

Always be carefull when placing the baby on your back.  Ask the assistance of another person.  Before to be ready, the buckles have to be fixed.  Check that the elastic of security went well over the loops before holding the baby in the baby carrier.

See the video.


Facing out carry

The facing forward system is optimal for babies between 4 and 12 months.  After this age, depending the babies legs lenght it can be not as confortable as before.  The legs as to be well supported.


See the video.


Head support

Stretchy and versatile

See the video.


AWESOME deep seated position!

AWESOME deep seated position!

Look at that seat!! Even kicking, leg-straightening and wiggling to see all the excitement around her, as my toddler does, that seat is awesome! see the post from Babywearing International of greater Austin


It's so easy to nurse in the Multi 2.0! I am so in love with this carrier

It's so easy to nurse in the Multi 2.0! I am so in love with this carrier

Jennifer Ostewig Thompson

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