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Stretchy wrap

Stretchy wrap

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Stretchy wrap

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61.99 USD$

  • JPMA certification
  • NSVAC certification
  • Verified secure
  • A lightweight, narrow wrap that is ideal for small babies
  • From newborn for as long as baby is adequately supported in a seated position (no limit in the strength of baby carrier)
  • 4 carrying positions 
  • Hands-free breastfeeding with ease
  • 100% jersey cotton, gentle and soft for baby’s skin
  • One size
  • Easy care
  • DVD included

Overall level of learning: Hard

  • sit position
  • sit position
  • sit position
  • Black
  • Navy
  • Grey

The stretch wrap has become popular in North America in recent years. Soft, lightweight and supple, newborns can be worn comfortably as though they were inside your t-shirt. Your baby’s weight and activity level will determine the wrap’s durability and comfort. The fabric is strong enough for a child, consisting of a high density ribbed knit cotton that offers superior stability when compared with regular cotton jersey.

Many tying methods are possible with the stretch wrap to place your child on the front facing in, on the hip, in cradle position for breastfeeding or on the front facing out. Baby is comfortable and can move freely, thanks to the fabric’s elasticity. Great for quick transitions such as diaper changing, as the fabric’s elasticity allows you to take the baby out without having to untie the carrier, and put baby back in just as easily. Be aware that the elasticity of this carrier also has some drawbacks, which are covered in the FAQ under the section regarding the quality of the different fabrics used in our wraps.


Over twenty tying techniques are included with the DVD. Whether you have a stretch or woven wrap will determine which techniques you use. Simple carries with one layer of fabric supporting the baby and back carries are to be avoided. We recommend wearing your child in the front or on the hip with the corresponding wrap cross carries to ensure adequate support to safely wear your child. See the instruction video for these carries.


The stretch wrap is available in 4 colours and one size that can accommodate most body types(5.0 meters x 0.55 meters)

If you have questions about this product, please check our FAQ section where you might find the desired information. If you can't find the answer to your question, please contact us using our online contact form or call us at 514-905-6484 (or toll free at 1-855-289-5343) and we will be happy to answer you.

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Front carry

Use the cross wrap technique with the pouch outside with the stretchy wrap.  This knot is safer when is completely done before to install the baby.


Cradle position (nursing)

Use the same technique to complete the knot before to install the baby inside the wrap.


Facing out carry

It is better to keep legs inside the wrap in spite of sitting the baby in the X made by the crossed fabric.  See the FAQ section to get more information on the different positions.


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