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Chimparoo Recall to Inspect Baby Carriers due to Fall Hazard

The proposed recall affects the TREK and MULTI carriers made between May 1, 2016 and July 22, 2016 in Canada. (This issue only affects the woven TREK during the same time period which were sold in the USA.) All products manufactured before May 1, 2016 or after July 22, 2016 are unaffected by this recall. We have been diligent in testing all these carriers and in reviewing our production records.

We would like to update you on an issue that has arisen with two of our products in a limited time period. A customer reported an issue to us that we tracked back to a production error in a limited set of products in a limited time period that we have identified. The single incident reported to us did not result in any injuries and we have received no additional reports from any of our customers. Please rest assured that there have been no injuries relating to this issue and we have decided to move forward with a recall out of an abundance of caution.

To be clear, this issue has involved an expected loosing of the lateral straps only (i.e. the ones attached to both sides of the panel) in a single incident. This issue does not affect the waist belt or the sternum strap. On May 1, 2016, we began producing our carriers that had thinner straps with new, smaller buckles. Like the original version of our product, this improved version meets all the requirements of F2236 standards when properly constructed. However, we detected an error in our production line and some carriers were made with the new thinner straps which were not paired correctly with newer buckles. Unfortunately, this mix of buckles and webbing is not optimal, and could increase the risk of slippage during a release of tension.

As next steps, we request that you do the following, to ensure your product is safe:

Please stop using your baby carrier until you are sure that it is safe.

Please check the production date on the box and / or product and / or the product registration recall card. If the product is a TREK (in the U.S.) or a TREK or MULTI (in Canada) and the production date is between May 1, 2016 and July 22, 2016, please segregate those products and take steps to fix it by following instructions.

A simple replacement of the buckles for the affected units is needed to secure your baby carrier. Laboratory tests confirm that the replacement buckle is safe with both the original and the new thinner straps. We know that if your baby carrier was built with original straps it is completely safe as it is built with the original buckles or new smaller buckles. It is difficult to identify with which straps your baby carrier is made. You can check with us if you are not sure, but when in doubt, ask for replacement buckles if you have identified your baby carrier was constructed with the original buckles between May 1 and July 22. We will provide replacement buckles for free with further instruction.

Please note that we believe only a small number of carriers are affected – importantly, not all carriers manufactured between May 1, 2016 and July 22, 2016 were affected so individual inspection of each carrier is required to make certain that the pairing of the webbing and the buckles is correct. We are pleased to confirm that the majority of the carriers has been tracked and there have been no additional problematic issues reported at this time.

We know that you have the safety of all babies at heart, as do we. Chimparoo will always put our customers’ safety before all else. You can trust that Chimparoo will always continue to take care of you and our clients.

We thank you in advance for your collaboration.

Wishing you all a great, sunny week!

Christine Duhaime, President
Chimparoo / L'écharpe Porte-bonheur inc.

Statement to check if your baby carrier is concerned by the recall

1- Check the model of your Chimparoo baby carrier. If there is a TREK model number CS005, a woven TREK, CS014 or Multi 2.0, CS006, check the date of manufacture on the packaging and / or product and / or on the product registration card. If manufactured between May 1 and July 22, 2016, stop using it immediately.

2- Check the buckles of the lateral straps of the carrier, that is to say, those that attach to each side of the carrier (see 2 images; lateral strap with original buckle and new buckle). To find out if your baby carrier is made with the original buckle (no. 1) or new buckle (no. 2), look at the following images to compare and determine which you have.

3-Check if you can identify the straps on your baby carrier. Measure with the help of instruction on the image; original straps versus new thin straps, the thickness of the straps. If you are unsure of the straps you have, it's not so important since both straps are adequate with the new buckles (no. 2) we send as replacement buckles.

4- Now that you identify the combination of straps and buckles that you have with your baby carrier, here's what you need to do;

a- Original strap and original buckle (num.1) combination;
You can use your baby carrier safely.
b- Original strap and new buckle (num 2.) combination;
You can use your baby carrier safely.
c- New thin strap and new buckle (num 2.) combination;
`You can use your baby carrier safely.
d- New thin strap and original buckle (num. 1) combination;
You must stop using your baby carrier and wait until you replace the original buckles (no. 1) for new buckles (no. 2). Continue with step 5

5- If you have the combination new thin strap and original buckle, complete the online form on this page. We need all the information required to track your baby carrier, to assist us in monitoring the recall and to send you new replacement buckles (no. 2)

6- If you need reassurance about installing your buckles, send us a picture of your lateral straps with your buckles installed. We can confirm with you if it's fine. You can also call us for more support.

7. Enjoy your baby carrier and do not be afraid to abuse it. This is a time of happiness and love guaranteed!

The Chimparoo team

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