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Term and sale conditions

Sale conditions

Payment will be accepted by check, money order, certified check, Visa or MasterCard check or Interac and cash in person, payable before delivery of products.

For payments other than Visa and MasterCard online, please contact us by email for details.

Taxes are applicable under the current laws on the sale price.


Wraps and bags are exchangeable and reimbursable if they have not been worn and/or washed. Articles must be returned in their original state with all documents included.

If you wish to exchange your wrap, return delivery is at your own cost. If the product has manufacturing faults or an error was made when being sent, we will reimburse you the amount of return postal service. Send a bill of your expedition costs with the package.

If you wish to be reimbursed, the return costs are your responsibility. Also, only 75% of the amount billed will be reimbursed. L’echarpe Porte-bonheur reserves the right to refuse a reimbursement.

Caution, recommendations and responsibilities

L’echarpe Porte-bonheur is not responsible for misuse of its products. The user assures their knowledge of mastering the knotting techniques before wearing a baby and verifying the position and solidity of the knot. We guarantee the quality of the material that must support the weight of a child without restriction. The only restriction would be the tolerance of your back. Do not abuse the liberty that the wrap gives you by engaging in activities that could cause you to fall. Make sure there is nothing dangerous within the child’s reach. Do not handle dangerous tools or cook with baby in the front. Always verify the state of your baby. Baby should not be curled tight chin to chest. You must be able to put one or two fingers between chin and chest. Be careful that in the cradle position the head is positioned further up in the carrier.

Bad head positioning could place an infant at risk of respiratory distress, oxygen deprivation or even suffocation. In the summer, make sure baby is not too hot and is protected from the sun. In the winter you can attach the baby against you inside your coat so he won’t get cold. If you must attach the baby on top of your coat, make sure baby is well dressed (protected) and verify that the more vulnerable parts such as his legs are not freezing. Do not wear the baby for more than one hour in the wrap. Let him move a little and stretch his legs at least once every hour. Verify that the legs are not compressed. Observe colorations and execute hip and knee flexions periodically to keep good blood circulation.

Chimparoo doesn't ship to United States for public customer. If you want to ship to USA please use our US website.

See the US website.

By the present, the client or his representative, declare to be properly authorized to make an order. This person declares to have read the conditions of sale and integrally accepts them.